I never really thought about being a runner as an adult.  I ran some track in 6th and 7th grade but abandoned it for other sports activities until I was in the Air Force.  I volunteered as the PT monitor but even then when I wasn’t running in formation, I mostly took up walking (really FAST walking) long distances along the beaches and shore line in California for exercise and to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Jump ahead to 2002 when I was living in Houston.  One day a friend of mine said “Hey, what if we train for and run a 5 or 10k?”  After a few runs at Memorial Park (a 3-mile loop) we decided that distance wasn’t going to be enough for us.  Before I knew it we were signed up with Houston Fit to train for Marathons and Half Marathons.  Who knew such a simple question about running a 5k would change my life!  I ultimately met and married my husband Tom in 2005 through Houston Fit. Fourteen years, one husband, two children, two marathons, six half marathons and countless “training” races later here I am co-organizing USA FIT Providence with my husband and training partner.  I cannot wait to kick off this training season and help someone else change their life!

What are you waiting for?